Rules of Cykelköket Jönköping

  1. We are a non-profit organization, run by volunteers, that wants to raise the profile of bicycling via re-use and repair of used bicycles.
  2. A one-year membership costs 100 sek and entitles the member to choose one bicycle per year to repair, and eventually bring home, once the requirements below are fulfilled;
  • The bike needs to be repaired on at least two occasions since we want our members to show up more than once.
  • The bike needs to be safe and follow the regulations regarding lights (front and back), reflectors (front, back and on the wheel), bicycle bell and functioning brakes.

Each visit:

  1. Always register that you are here on the excel file, so that we can note the number of visitors we have each time.
  2. Mark the paper on your bike with the current date – bikes that have not been attended to for several weeks, or no contact has been made about it to our volunteers, will be replaced among the non-occupied bikes.
  3. Parts can only be taken from the shelves. Don’t take parts from bikes that are to be repaired!
  4. Clean your working space and put all tools in order after each session.
  5. After the session place your bike among the other reserved bikes.

General comments

  1. Children below 15 years must wear a helmet according to law. For your own safety we encourage everyone to wear a helmet.
  2. A bike lock will keep your bike from being stolen, we suggest that everyone buy a lock before their bike leaves Cykelköket.

Finally, we want you to bike as much as possible and tell your friends and family to do so too. Welcome to Cykelköket Jönköping!