The workshop

Our workshop is the heart of the bike kitchen. Here we fix bikes, talk bikes and sometimes feel bikes when we try to navigate all the bikes that are being worked on!

Some things you can do here include painting your bike, read bike magazines, hang out with other bike interested people, find parts for your bike restoration project and get other creative ideas while you are here.

We offer various facilities including:

  • A wide variety of common tools including wrenches, cutters and screw drivers and of course bike stands so you can work on your bike more easily
  • An angle grinder to cut open locks or to do some serious bike customization
  • We offer some specialized bike spray paints if you want to re-paint some parts or your whole bike
  • We have special bike repair tools such as a torque wrenches, spoke keys, wheel truing stands, derailleur hanger alignment tool, cup-cone wrenches, cassette and freewheel removers and chain breaking tools
  • Everyone likes shiny bike parts right? That is why we have invested in a bike part cleaning station with a strong degreasing cleaning agent

We hope to see you here soon!

/The cykelköket team